Everyone experiences relationship in their own way, and relationships take so many forms. What ever the relationship, be it with a parent, child, friend, partner, co-worker, or supervisor; we all find ourselves relating in some way with others. Some relationships are positive, bringing joy into our lives, while others may bring stress, despair or be traumatic.

I am here to help you find your way. As it fits for you, we may explore how the past is alive for you in present relationships. Often, the ways we learned to cope with difficult experiences in past relationships were our important survival strategies, and I am dedicated to joining with you to grow beyond at your own pace. Counselling can help you to develop deep respect and compassion for your survival strategies, while also assisting you to take stock of current barriers, and grow into thriving as a unique individual.

Communication & Boundaries

Clear communication and boundaries lead to healthier relationships. When we are able to communicate our needs in a clear and respectful way, we are also able to receive the same from others. This can strengthen and deepen our relationships and enable us to see what is not working for us. We are then in a position to either try to repair what isn’t working or possibly leave it behind.

The same principle lies behind having healthy boundaries. If we are caught up in abusive or toxic relationships, sometimes we are unable to even know what our boundaries are. Perhaps we were never taught what healthy boundaries might look like. When we are able to develop self-awareness, and look at our relationships and ourselves from a place of curiosity, we can start to see how our communication styles, or lack of boundary setting are not working in our best interest. Having healthy boundaries means we are able to send clear signals that there are things we will or will not accept from others.

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