Healing Creative Scars

When we create through art, music, writing, or anything that inspires us, we are presenting ourselves in a vulnerable way. If we are criticized, teased, or forced to stifle this creative spark, it can be very wounding, causing what is sometimes called a creative scar. A creative scar is pretty much what it sounds like, an emotional scar tied to creative expression. This generally does not come about from one incident, though if severe enough it certainly can, but often results from repetitive wounding, such as being told over and over that we are “not good enough” or “who do you think you are, thinking that you can sing, draw, dance. etc.?"

It is a form of shaming and can be very traumatic. Sometimes we shut down creatively, or may choose to continue but feel uncertain of our gifts, or talents throughout our lives. If this is something that you choose to work on, I will help you overcome feelings of shame or inadequacy around expressing yourself creatively, so that you are able to tap into that part of yourself with the joy and wonder that you may have had as a child or perhaps have never been able to develop.

"I dwell in possibility."

-Emily Dickinson

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