About Arlene

Education and Registration

I hold a Masters Degree in Counselling from City University of Seattle and am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC). Being a member of a registered body, I follow a code of ethics and am committed to the highest standard of professionalism.

In addition to a Masters Degree, I also hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from York University in Toronto. In my studies I was immersed in the world of visual arts, theatre, and dance, and this informs every aspect of my life. As a result, I am passionate about creativity and bring that into my practice in a variety of ways which may include: poetry, music, movement, drawing, painting, working with clay, or any form of self expression that enables clients who want this to express themselves creatively. Some clients are not comfortable with talk therapy and creative expression offers an alternate and effective means of communication. Sometimes language is also used creatively through storytelling, or connecting with a new narrative.

Therapeutic Approaches

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)
Music Integrated Therapy
Narrative Therapy
Solution Focused Therapy
Feminist Theory
Multicultural & Diversity Theory
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
Motivational Interviewing
Emotional Focused Therapy (EFT)
Expressive Therapy
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)


LGBTQ2S+ affirming
Social Justice
Empathy, kindness, unconditional positive regard
Multicultural & diversity awareness
Non-Violent Communication

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"

- Audrey Hepburn


I was born in Toronto and spent much of my life there. I moved to Vancouver nearly 20 years ago, and fell in love with this city. The natural beauty here inspires and fills me with awe every day. The experience of resettling also informs my counselling practise.

My Creative Story

When I was a kid I loved being creative and was full of energy; singing in front of the mirror, dancing in front of others, and feeling safe to express myself and be seen by others. I was constantly drawing pictures, putting on shows and loved nothing more than the chance to perform! As I got older, this was often discouraged, leading to a shutting down of my creative expression. It took a lot of work to reconnect with that important spark of my being. I discovered that while sharing my creativity can lead to feeling vulnerable, rediscovering that spark is energizing and empowering.

In my practice I am dedicated to supporting you to find and discover, or rediscover and nurture your own spark if that is important to you.

I invite you to reach out if you have any questions or would like to explore working together.
You can use the button below to email me, or give me a call at 778-229-5256.

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providing therapy for the crime victim assistance program (cvap)

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